DoorTek 301E-IM - Elevator Control Interface Module

The 301E-IM Elevator Control Interface Module is part of DoorTek’s 300-IM Hardware Line. The base module can control a single elevator cab with up to 16 floor selections and can be upgraded to as many as 112 floor selections. The 301E-IM Elevator Control Interface Module can also manage two elevator cabs with the floor count divided between the two elevator cabs (16 floors in the base module, upgradable to a total of 112 floors). 



  • Low power consumption
  • Real-time clock for time/date based operation
  • It’s Small foot print PCB allow for combining many interface modules in a small area.


  • On-board replaceable lithium battery maintains critical memory for up to two month if all power is lost.
  • Flash memory for rapid firmware upgrades
  • Watchdog timer
  • Auto-detection of new panels.
  • Auto-configure of new panels.
  • Automatic Device Assignments.
  • Automatic Downloads.


  • Support for 2 Wiegand or Clock & Data reader
  • Supports industry standard readers including card and or PIN, proximity, barcode, Smartcard, mag-stripe and others.
  • Supports up to 29 different card formats (up to 64 bits)
  • 4 Multipurpose Form-C relay outputs
  • 8 Multi-stat inputs configurable for 2. 3, or 4-state supervision
  • Extensive transient protection for better reliability
  • Removable screw-down terminal blocks


  • Supports up to 32 modules (301-IM, 303-IM, or 305-IM) on a multi-dropped single comm line or TCP/IP connection .
  • High baud rate RS485 Communication