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DoorTek 22 - 2 Door Stand Alone System

The DoorTek 22 is a "stand alone system" ideally suited for condominiums, apartments, clubs and small businesses. Each DoorTek 22 provides access for two doors. A cardholder can be granted 24 hour access at either or both doors. A single timed event schedule will Unlock/Lock either or both doors at a specific time for selected days of the week with Holiday override. A printer can provide real-time event transaction printing for audit trail history archiving and review. Up to 4 DoorTek 22s may be linked together to share one printer. 4,000 card holders may be programmed into a DoorTek 22 and an individual card holder can be programmed to access up to 24 floors of an elevator car. A full 32 character LCD display with prompts, guides even the most novice of users through programming. A telephone-type keypad that everyone feels at home with is used for data entry. If you need to control one or two doors with a minimum amount of hassles and cost, here it is. DoorTek 22 - The Ultimate Stand-Alone.



  • Two Doors -
    The dt22 will control two doors allowing cards to be programmed for entry at one or both doors.
  • Large Cardholder Capacity -
    A small number of doors does not mean a small number of cardholders. With a card capacity of 4,000, the dt22 meets your needs with room to grow.
  • Any Reader Technology
    DoorTek lets you decide. Capable of supporting all the popular reader technologies, the dt22 can be integrated into existing systems or mix different levels of security into one system, even Biometrics. Wiegand ~ Proximity ~ Barcode ~ Magnetic Stripe ~ Smart Card ~ Biometric � Easy Programming LCD display with keypad for data entry makes programming quick and simple. With prompts guiding you the whole way.
  • History Printing
    Printing capability, normally available only on larger systems, is standard with the dt22. Live transaction printing is available with the optional printer. Audit trails can be printed, reviewed and archived for future use. Up to 4 dt22's can be linked together onto a single printer.
  • Elevator Control
    It's true, the dt22 can provide up to 24 floors of elevator control with the low cost addition of relay-control modules.